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Happy Finish -
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One game for couple!

Dear everyone,
If you are not more than 18 years old, please do not download this application!
Thank you!

A game for couple for better and happy bedroom life!

This application has five options for the play.
You can choose one of them and play tohether!
You can skip every tasks if you do not want to do those. But the real game experience ask you that do all of them.

This game has more options and has some picture which can help you in the choose!
If you want to try something new, and want to learn about us.
Don't waste your time!
Play and give new experience for us!
We try give you real value and useful apps!

We hope that you will happy in the finish!


Erotic card game

This is the best option if you in the start of your relationship and be better sex in the first time! You can choose from sex poses and can choose from 6 part of cards and play, fun, and in the end have sex! If you or your partner like the new sexuality experiences...


Drunken Pro

This Game is a new minigames for the parties!
This game 100% adfree and available 200 tasks.
You can play with dice, you can play card game and in the end you can choose the Drinkin' Wheel.

Just download the application, tap to the play button, choose a game type and enjoy the party! 

Happy Finish Gift available for first 20 BUYER!

If you bought (minimum) one of Happy Finish games and you liked this/these. You could leave a 5 star in the play market! If you really liked the game(s) and lose five star you can leave a little review about the app(s).
After these, take a screenshot (screenshot must show your review in the market). In the next send your screenshot with your (BUYING) Transaction ID to the . And we will send you a coupon for a premium game which you choose!
Another way for coupons!
If you like our games and apps you can choose three apps which you love really!
You could leave 4 or 5 star feedback in the play store, and you could leave a little review in your feedback!
If you finished these. Take 3 screenshots about your reviews! Send these screenshot to and write our which games would you like really for free!
After this, we check your reviews and If you are in the first 20 people we will send you a promotions code for free download!
Promotion Policies
1. This promotions available until 2018.12.31.
2. This promotion available for users, which buy min. one of our applications in the play market.
3. Also available our users which download our free apps and like these and leave positive feedback with reviews.
4. The promotion codes are one used promotion codes and these do not transferable. (Except: If you would like to give our promotion code for other people like a gift you write our in your requiring e-mail for
How can you get your code? (Step by Step)


1. BUY one of our premium applications.
2. Try it out and if you liked leave 5* feedback and positive short review.
3. Take screenshot about your review.
4. Send e-mail to the
your e-mail include:
5. We check your T. ID and your Review. And if everything ok, we will send your promotions code!
How can you get your code? (Step by Step)
B version 

1. You choose three(3) app which is our. (You can check these HERE!) And download these.
2. If you liked these apps you could 5* feedback with a short review and repeat this every app (3 apps which you choosed).
3. You can take 3 screenshot about your reviews.
4. Send an e-mail to the .
E-mail have to include: Your (3) screenshots + which app that you want for free.
5. We check your e-mail informations and then send you a promotion code.